Thanksgiving Weekend Camp

Session: October 11th - October 14th

Thanksgiving Weekend Camp is from Friday, October 11 to Monday, October 14. The bus will leave York Mills Plaza on Friday evening at 6:00 p.m. and will return to York Mills at 4:00 p.m. on Monday. Campers not using the bus should arrive at Saddlewood around 7:00 p.m. on Friday and be picked up at 2:00 p.m. on Monday.

Please note that to register for this year you need to download the following required PDF files and complete them, scan them and email them back to or fax them directly to 1-705-277-9335. One of our team members will reach out once we have completed the registration for you.

* 1 application per camper

Please email us directly if you have any questions or concerns.


  1. Camp Application


  1. Parents Letter

  2. Items to bring

  3. Riding Helmets

Additional Information

SWEAT SHIRTS, T-SHIRTS, JACKETS, HATS ETC.: printed with the Saddlewood logo will be
available for sale on closing days.

VISITING DAYS: There are no set visiting days at Saddlewood. Campers staying for two or
more sessions may have their parents visit at the end of each two-week session.

TELEPHONE: Parents are requested NOT to phone unless it is truly urgent. We cannot call
a girl to the telephone and we do not allow campers to call out. The office telephone is
answered at most times or you may leave a message on the machine. The number is

ELECTRONICS: Please do not send electronics to camp with your daughter. Camp
is an opportunity to unplug and interact with the camp community. Personal fans,
snacks and treats may be brought to camp. Campers are encouraged to leave their cell phones
at home. Any cell phone brought to camp must have the SIM card removed.

LETTERS: should be mailed before your child leaves for camp or during the first few days as
it takes almost a week for mail to get to Bethany. Upon arrival you may drop off mail at the camp
office to be handed out during the session.

FAXING YOUR DAUGHTER: Many parents find it convenient to send a fax to their daughter(s)
at 705-277-9335. Our office tries to deal efficiently with these faxes but please:

  • - Use Faxes only when necessary (letters and postcards are appreciated much more)

  • Limit your fax to one page. (Remember we have over 70 campers + staff / session)

  • Do not use a cover page - put your daughterโ€™s full name and cabin # on the top of fax

  • Remember that all faxes and mail are given out at lunchtime only each day.

SPENDING MONEY: A small amount of spending money may be brought to camp. It should
be given to your daughterโ€™s counsellor on arrival for safekeeping. Saddlewood tuck shop is
open every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Approximately $20.00 / session is enough to
cover tuck shop.

RIDING CLOTHING: It is not necessary to have proper riding breeches. Spandex or cotton
legging are acceptable. Riding helmets must be worn and meet the current equipment
standards. ASTM, BSI or the European Safety Standards are required. Hard soled footwear
with a heel of no less than 1.5 cm are also required.