There is plenty to keep you busy at Saddlewood!


The archery programme at Saddlewood follows the programme set out by the 'Ontario Association of Archers'. This is a step-by-step progression through a colour-coded system of levels. At all times, campers are instructed in safety precautions as well as skill development.

Arts & crafts are very popular at Saddlewood. From bracelet making to tie-dyeing, plaster of paris and woodworking, campers learn new, valuable skills.



Our afternoon sports programme features soccer games, beach volleyball (on our lush green-grass beach), tennis, golf, basketball, field sports and other activities designed to keep our campers healthy and active even when they are not riding.

Our hundreds of acres of riding trails make excellent mountain bike trails! Interested campers must bring their own bike helmet but mountain bikes are provided by the camp. An experienced staff member accompanies all bike riders. The mountain biking programme at Saddlewood offers safety instruction as well as bike repair and maintenance.



Tennis lessons take place between 1:00 and 3:00pm daily. The two double courts are open the rest of the time for campers wishing to play with friends or practice their game.

Swimming lessons and swimming for fun take place in our 32' x 61' pool. The Red Cross aquaquest and Royal Lifesaving swim programmes are taught daily. Swim badges and progress charts are awarded every two weeks at the closing banquet. A certified Lifeguard and an assistant are always on duty whenever the pool is open.



A major drama production is undertaken every two weeks. From a modern version of Cinderella to a play written by campers and staff, those who choose to participate in drama develop self confidence and often find hidden talents. Not interested in centre stage? There are costumes and sets to make as well as back-stage jobs to be done. It is hoped that campers choosing drama at camp will develop an interest that could last a lifetime.


Campers have the opportunity to learn or improve their guitar skills.


Animal house teaches campers how to care for a variety of small pets.