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Our New Arrivals
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Spark is a 15.2hh, grey, Quarter Horse gelding. He is very sweet and loves to go on trails. Spark will be a fun ride for a camper who likes a cuddly and fun horse. If you like Austin you will like Spark.

Booker is a 15hh, chestnut gelding. He is a Quarter Horse and is fun and patient. If you like Boomer you will like Booker.

Dilly Dally is a very cute, 12.2hh, chestnut, pony mare. She has done some showing and prefers a small rider. Dilly will be a fun ride for pony riders this summer. If you like Arnold or Candy you will like Dilly Dally.

Juno is a 16.1hh, bay, Thoroughbred mare. She is tall, pretty and will be fun in the dressage ring since she knows her stuff! If you like Tyson or Camilla you may like Juno.

Black Rain is 14.2hh, black & white, pony mare. Young and somewhat green, she will be a great ride for a CIT or advanced pony rider this summer. She is like Sabrina and Casey.

Angus is a 16.2hh, dark bay, Thoroughbred gelding. He is gentle and fun and loves the flat ring. If you like Klarabell or Keen you will like Angus.

Manitoba is a 15.3hh, black mare. She is strong and will be a fun addition for our more advanced and strong riders. If you like General or Eddie you will like Mani.

Christopher Robin is a 14hh, Palomino pinto, pony gelding. Christopher Robin is speedy and fun and likes to jump cross-country! If you like Hannah Montana or Clyde you will like Christopher Robin.

Dove is a 14.2hh, liver chestnut, Quarter Horse mare. She is young but has lots of experience and loves trail rides! If you like Maple or Sweetie you will like Dove.

Champ is a 12hh, bay, pony gelding. As you can see, Champ is a flashy little guy. He's speedy and fun and we are sure he will be popular! If you like Levi or Frenchie you might like Champ.

Rascal is a 12hh, black, pony mare. Rascal is a sweetie who will be a great teacher for our beginner riders. If you like Nicholas you will like Rascal.

Raven is a 12.2hh, black, pony mare. She is still learning the ropes at camp but will fit right in, in no time! If you like Trooper or Cocoa you will like Raven.

Nugget is a golden Palomino, Quarter Horse gelding. He is cuddly and a fun horse to ride. He loves treats! If you like Sterling you may like Nugget.

Summer 2012
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